Monday, June 29, 2009

The Science Behind Baby Angels.

When God and doctors who play God meet.

There's science. There's religion. Two different theories; two different thought processes on opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum.

Believe one. Believe the other. Never the two shall cross. Too many contradictions, too many moral dilemmas otherwise.

Then there's real life. While we're at it, let's throw in two specialist doctors and a genetic counselor. Each with their own thought process as well. Each trying to outdo the other. Each essentially thinking my precious baby is a science experiment.

Let's not forget the most important part. A Baby growing Angel wings. The center of everything. A tiny one pound being who has taught his parents that science and religion do cross paths in real life. A sweet little Angel that has doctors scrutinizing every little detail searching for a break through. An Angel God has spoken to. An Angel whom God entrusted his parents to make some serious decisions for.

Decisions where religion and science cross. Real life choices.

We found out today that the doctors don't really know what to expect when our Little Angel is born. What they told us last week was considered "normal" and worst case scenario. Since I'm perfectly healthy chances are good that I will deliver this baby full term, or after the 8 month mark. Baby could be stillborn, baby could die shortly after birth, baby could live a month. The doctor told us today that we have to make to make quality of life decisions upon delivery of Little Angel.

If it is born not breathing do we want a ventilator to keep baby alive until further examination can be done/baby can breathe on her own?

If she has severe brain impairment what effort do we want to make keep this baby alive?

Do we only want comfort care upon delivery of this child, so our little Angel passes into heaven naturally?

Do we want to deliver this baby in a hospital with the latest and greatest equipment in case we can save baby? Or was this baby meant to be heaven bound all along and it should be born in the home town hospital surrounded by the people who love it the most?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions I would never wish on my worst enemy.

Where David and I stand on this we can't say for sure. We need more prayer time. We need a few more doctors visits and ultrasounds to determine the truth.

We need more time to figure out the contradiction between science and religion.

We both know however that a struggle for life on earth is no match for earning a place in heaven.


  1. You guys are daily in my prayers, especially as you contemplate these big decisions.

  2. Dairy Girl: My daughter introduced me to you via THE NEST. We are dairy people also (Darcie is my daughter) My thoughts and prayers are there for you and your family. I read on a earlier post about the peace the Lord has blessed you with. It is so hard to hang onto that when you are getting such conflickting news. But try not to undo what the Lord has done. HE wants you to have peace and I know you probably were overwhelmed to even experince it at this difficult time. Hang on to that peace and pray for more (Philippians 4:6-7) because HE loves you and your Angel Baby. And the peace you will receive will help prepare you for all you will have to decide. I will pray for continued peace and for wisdom. Because wisdom is the other key to this whole situation. SOOOOOOOO the Lords wisdom and peace be with you and your family!