Monday, June 22, 2009

Naming and Angel

What to call the Little Angel?

Just like any happy expecting couple David and I spent the previous 22 weeks discussing baby names. We came up with a short list of names we loved. Autumn, Amy, Ryan, Nathan. Simple people. Simple names.

When you discover your little Angel is heaven bound, you quickly realize that there's no worthy name for a baby about to begin the fight of his short life. There's no earthly name strong enough or good enough for a baby earning angel wings in heaven.

In the barn last night (milking cows is what we do best after all), David and I were talking about what kind of name our Little Angel needs.

For a girl we've both always loved Hope but took it off the list because it seemed trite. Well let me tell you Hope is no longer trite when it's all you have to hang on to.

So Hope for a girl it is.

After thinking quietly about boy names for a while David says to me, "What about Gabriel like the Angel Gabriel in the Bible?" Beautiful. Perfect. Also the name of the biggest jerk in high school. Damn reality always getting in the way of something so perfect. :)

We're still considering Gabe. There was also an angel named David. We're pondering. I'll keep you filled in. If you have any suggestions for us, we're more than welcome to them.

Today is a new day. It doesn't make anything easier, but it's still a new day. Little Angel Mom and Dad are hoping for the best for you. Whatever the best may be.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. So many people are praying for your family...

  2. I loved those names. How about these for a boy?

    Andrew, Alexander, Benjamin, Daniel, Isaiah, Jacob, James, Jonathan, Joshua, Matthew, or Paul... These are some of my favorite.

    However, Gabriel does mean "God is my strength". Something to ponder.

  3. Another argument for Gabriel (which I love btw) is that if you have a boy and name him Gabriel, he would be such an angel that it would take away all the negativity that the dumb highschool boy gave that name...if that makes sense. It makes sense in my head...anyway, hang in there, your strength is amazing!

  4. David can also reference David and Goliath, which seems appropriate for the incredible odds and fight he'll face.

    Whatever you choose, they are all beautiful and fitting. Our prayers are with you. You are so strong, keep the faith and let God be your rock.

  5. Dairy-
    I have been following your story on the bump. My heart goes out to you and your husband, I can't imagine what you must be going through. I will be praying for you, for peace, strength and comfort. Stay strong.

    Katie (cerad5 from the bump)

  6. I am a lurker on D&R and read your story just now...I just want to say I am SO inspired by your strength and your faith. Like pp said, I can't imagine what you are going through...but I will be praying for you, your husband, and your little angel.

  7. Thanks for sharing your blog. I'll be following along as my own journey comes to a close over the next few weeks and we begin the next phase whatever that brings.

    Take care and let me know if you ever want to chat.

  8. A new Nestie popping over to say hi, and to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I haven't walked the road of a terminal diagnosis, but I did deliver our second son stillborn last month. We named him Duncan, which means "fighter," as we learned he'd been in fetal distress for almost a month before dying in utero. I think you will select the perfect name for your child, son or daughter.

  9. I have been following your story through the bump, and wanted to tell you I am praying for you, your husband, and your little angel. I cannot imagine what you are going through. All I know is that God remains faithful and He is with you in darkness and light. It must be bittersweet being the mother of an angel, and I admire your strength and courage. God Bless you all.

  10. God bless sorry....there are so many people who wish they could take this pain from you...

  11. You're in my prayers. I think Gabriel is perfect. Maybe David - your husbands name - meaning is Beloved, he is the seed of Christ. I like Moriah - meaning is Chosen by God, the location where Solomon built the Temple, where Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac.

    "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." John 13:7 NIV

  12. My cousin lost her baby at six months. They named her Haven Grace. Haven for the safe haven they wish they could have given her, and for the grace of God that would take her home.