Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rollercoaster of Life.

On the upswing part of the track again.

All I have to say today is that I am grateful. I am beyond thrilled. I am excited for what the future may hold. I don't have thanks enough for the prayers and good thoughts people have sent this way. I never truly understood faith and its power until this moment.

It wasn't always that way. In fact I was about in tears at the amusement park on Saturday when I started comparing the rollercoaster to the emotional rollercoaster David and I have been on. Emotional Rollercoasters are hard. They're thrilling, they're exhausting. You know when the ride starts, but you don't know when it will end. You have no idea how much peaceful track there is. No idea how many dips. No idea how scary the uphill climb is or how exhilariting the downhill swing is.

Today we are on the downhill swing. Thanks to the miracle of prayer and a compassionate genetic specialist we now refer to as Dr. Miracle we are going to be okay.

Little Angel still has a clubbed foot, a cupped hand and a spot on his heart. However, the doctor sent to us yesterday said these things are in no way indicative of the Orders to Heaven we received last week.

He said the limb problems can be corrected. Baby's heart spot is getting smaller. Surgery may be required after birth or it could go away. The chances of either are about equal but not any greater than other healthy babies.

Little Angel's head has also taken on a more normal shape compared to the Lemon-head mental impairment diagnosis we first received. When I quizzed Mr. Miracle about the risk of mental impairment he said he can't diagnose that, but he can't for any baby no matter how healthy. Dr. did say that he didn't see spots on the brain, fluid around the brain, abnormal head size or anything else usually indicating impairment. The only way we will know is when Baby starts missing milestones after birth. Mr. Miracle did say it wasn't anything we should be overly concerned about because other than the Trisomy 14 issue, the amnio didn't show any other diseases related to mental impairment.

Furthermore, the doctor told us that if we wouldn't have been forced into an amnio we would have thought Little Angel's issues to be purely physical, no one would be the wiser and we'd have all been better off.

This is a good place on the roller coaster. That part where you're about to slide down the slope and laugh uncontrollably because you don't know what else to do when that sense of relief and excitment hits you.

However, we have one last slope to climb on the coaster. Mr. Miracle tells us he is concerned about baby's physical growth after birth. He much prefers I deliver this baby at Children's Hospital so a feeding tube can be inserted if necessary and any issues related to Failure to Thrive can be corrected quickly. We will have an u/s every month now to determine how fast baby is growing and what course of action we need to take so baby can thrive in this great big world.

This is a slope we can climb. This is a slope we can handle. We never thought our rollercoaster ride would turn out as it did, but it did.

We'll keep praying and keep hoping until the end of the ride. Thanks to everyone who has joined this rollercoaster ride with us. We appreciate all of you.

I don't love the ride I'm on, but I'll love the end of the ride indefinitely.


  1. That's much better news! I'm glad you now have Mr. Miracle. Wish you the best of luck that everything just keeps getting better.


  2. Oh wow! That is great news! I hate that you guys were so scared by the earlier prognosis but it sounds like things are much more positive now! I'm still thinking about you guys. (This is bayhunter6 from D&R by the way.)

  3. Keep doing whatever it is you doing. This Angel is a fighter and so are you.

    My prayers are with you as you ride this rollercoaster.

  4. I'm so happy for you. The grace of God is wonderful!

  5. Dairy girl. I want to tell you about a story that a friend shared with my many years ago. It was a story about a young lady that had fallen in love with the man of her dreams, they had a wonderful romantic courtship. Finely a wedding and a honeymoon in Italy. She spoke about the great anticipation of planning their wedding and honeymoom and of course their life together.I was going to be perfect. Everything turned out just as they had dreamed, perfect wedding, romantic honeymoon, things could not be more perfect. Untill one day when they fould out they were going to have a baby!!!!! (even more perfect)In the story the women explained her perperation for the child was like that of her preparing for her wedding and honeymoon. As she begain labor she likened it to getting on the plane to go to Italy (she hated to fly) knowing that soon she would be in the most perfect place with the most perfect child. Well......... during her delivery there were some complications ( not serious but some complication). The doctor explaned the situation. What ever it was she never said but she did say she felt like her plane that was headed to Italy had just landed it Holland. So things ended up not perfect but ok and her and her family have learned to be very happy and healthy in Holland. I hope this story makes since to you, as it did for me..... I wrote you early my daughter is Darcie (the other dairy girl from the nest) Darcie was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 3 and my son has some learning disablites (not real bad but enough)so I to live in Holland and am very very happy there. It is not Italy but it is our life and it is wonderful. Maybe Italy is not all it is cracked up to be????? God is Good and I am thankful for his answers to prayers.

  6. You don't know me - a friend shared your story and link to your blog - but I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am for your miracle news! God bless and keep smiling.

  7. this is Brittany(Brittany&Dusty) from 2nd tri, and i want you to know I have been praying so hard for you and your baby, and I am overjoyed to hear the great news. I have a brother that was born with a chromosome translocation and deletion, and the drs didn't expect him to live past 1 or 2. Let me tell you, he is a walking miracle, he will turn 20 this Nov. You have a true miracle inside of you Ang, I'm so happy for you and your DH.

  8. Children's Hospital is wonderful. You and your baby will receive the best treatment in the area if you decide to deliver there. I think that is fantastic. It is a wonderful opportunity to have the option to deliver your baby there.
    It will be hard to be away from your home, but I think it would be fantastic.

  9. Praise God for your good news and the wonderful doctor he sent you! I've been following your story through the bump, and have been praying for you. What an inspiration your faith is. God Bless you both. (He has already blessed your little one by giving you and your husband as parents)

  10. I just found your story via the badges on the Nest and wanted to tell you how happy I am for the good news you and your husband received. You will all be in my thoughts.

  11. So glad to hear your good news!! God is good!